Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Journey

In the beginning of this journey, I viewed technology as just one more thing I would like to know more about but thought I lacked the skills or the patience to figure out. While I know there is much out there still to learn and improve upon, I feel like I have traveled a great distance in my quest to learn and improve.  One area of growth actually came through my willingness to try new programs and technology in my class.  I have discovered that I am able to do much more than I thought I could.  I am not afraid to search around web sites and use new programs.   My class now uses the lap tops and iPods weekly.   So what if my students know more than I do – I can learn from them, and they enjoy being able to show me something new.  I have also grown in my comfort and ability with power points.  I can download animated clips, sounds, and even embed hyperlinks. My greatest growth has actually come in the amount of technology I have been incorporating in my lessons with my students. 
As I move forward in my teaching, I am looking for more ways to use what I have learned.  I will definitely keep up with my teacher web page.  My teaching practice will be enhanced as I create and use power points and web quests to engage my students.  A future goal is to find and use You Tube clips to enhance lessons and bring learning to life.  Overall, my teaching practice will change and improve as I continue to find ways to incorporated technology whenever possible.
This digital immigrant may not be ready to apply for a green card yet, but is well on her way to obtaining a work visa!

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