Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Aboard!

Now that I am on the boat, how do I encourage others to board as well?  One of the best things I can do is to continue to use technology in my classroom and talk to others about what my kids and I are doing.   Hopefully my excitement will become contagious and draw others in.  By showing others what I have done and giving them specific sites and examples to try, their interest might be sparked.  Hey, if I can do it, anyone can!
Staff members are already starting to climb on board.  They are seeing the benefits of integrating technology into the classroom.  In order to prevent them from jumping overboard, I must find ways to serve as a teacher leader in my building.   My “to do list” will consist of many things. It will begin with continuing to grow more confident as a technology user myself.  I need to understand what I am trying to teach.  Then I will begin to share some sites and programs with others.  My “to do list” will continue with finding time to make myself available to help others, either  individually or in small groups, become more familiar with the technology we have available at our building.   Many teachers are willing to incorporate different technology into their rooms; they just are lacking in the knowledge and experience.  By starting small and holding short workshops, hopefully interest, excitement, knowledge, and use in the classroom will increase.  Several staff members have already approached me asking, “How do you use those (iPods or lap tops) in the classroom?” or, “I like that (homepage or power point).  I want to make one also!  Can you help me?”
I can share many things I have learned over the past few weeks with the staff at my school during staff or grade level meetings.  Sharing tools I have used or created such as web-quests, power points, and a teacher web page, will help facilitate and encourage others to also find new ways to incorporate technology into their teaching.   I can also share the possibilities of using wikis, twitter, and blogs in their teaching and communications with home.   
Technology has become such a major part in the lives of the children we are teaching.  Isn’t it about time technology becomes a major part in how we are teaching children?

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